Edition Farangis: Poems by Farangis

Welcome to this subsection, in which you can find translations of poems by Farangis Yegane into English.

Like our whole site, these pages also will continually be added to (kind of slowly though).

We hope the pages can be inspiring to anyone who thinks about "the" less obvious contexts of all and in general. Thanks for your visit!


. . . has been added on the 12th of July ...

Thanks to Werner, for making me aware of 4 typos in the Residence poems and Sorrow....

12th June: we have added a stanza to the poem 'you have a better', which is a shorter version of an originally 5 stanza poem.

11th June: Spottet some typos, etc, in the newly uploaded poems and corrected them.

... Check back ... we are still gonna upload more!


Palang Latif, translator

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These poems have been published in German by the Edition Farangis

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