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Copyright © 2014, Farangis G. Yegane. All rights reserved:

A rendition of the theme: 'Iblis' second seduction of Zahhak' from the Shahnamah epic by Firdausi - in six acrylic paintings by Farangis.


Iblis' Kiss

Zahhak when he had tasted, In wonder at his cook's ability, Said: "Worthy friend! ask thou my recompense." He answered: "Live, O king! in wealth and power. My heart is throe, thy favour my soul's food; Yet would I ask one boon above my station
'Tis leave to kiss and lay my face and eyes
Upon thy shoulders." Off his guard Zahhak
Replied "I grant it; it may do thee grace.";


Changes on Zahhaks Body

Iblis received permission, kissed and vanished.
A marvel followed - from the monarch's shoulders
Grew two black snakes. Distraught he sought a cure
And in the end excised them, but they grew
Again! oh strange! like branches from a tree.
The ablest leeches gave advice in turn
And used their curious arts but all in vain.
At length Iblis himself came hurrying
Dight as a leech. "This was thy destiny,"


The Tribute

He said; "cut not the snakes but let them live.
Give them men's brains and gorge them till they sleep.
It is the only means, such food may kill them."
The purpose of the foul Div shrewdly scan
Had he conceived perchance a secret plan
To rid the world of all the race of man?