"Human supremacy" and the freedom in animal diversity, artworks by Farangis Yegane

A positive approach? [1]

Different identities of beings

What standpoint makes us view the world as if there was a natural hierarchy amongst beings? Is there a top and bottom in the universe?

"I for myself believe that we have a right-of-passage on this earth (and anywhere else in time and space) because..." says some imaginary person.

Let's suppose there exist different identities of beings, and being a human is one of those existent possible identities-of-beings.

Where I am [2]

Where am I?

Reasons that legitimate a hierarchical thinking tend to create self-enclosing circles. But who would admit:

"I'm hoist by my own petard!" or even better "We are hoist by our own petards!"

Where "I" stand: the only thing that keeps "me" from meaninglessness is to infer meaning into the world that surrounds me. My meaning depends on the world I live in.
I see what this world consists of.

Where you are [3]

Being a being on-top

Where you stand: "You" are an observer, in the sense in which any one observes the world's phenomenons from their own given individual position, from their own point of view.

"At times you might feel you are the 'king of the hill', but when you lose your pretentiousness, you might get around to become blank enough to know: When I think deep I know that the earthen world is so amazing! And one can count on your life-affirming attitudes finally."

Conclusion [4]

Going in any direction

Subjectivity can't leave you either on top or below, also being of a different nature, being built completely or relatively different than a human, can't leave a nonhuman animal below.
Any position taken, individually or in evolutionary terms, has it's own qualities. (The values of the qualities are hard or impossible to measure against each other.)

"There I bow my head - at the feet of every creature. This constant submission and homage, of kissing God all over, someday, every lover will do. Only there I prostrate myself - against the beauty of each form - for when I bring my heart close to any object I always hear the friend say, 'Hafiz I am here.'"

It's ok for arts to act ideological or maybe more idealistical, when it takes the reasonable side.

The Independence of Value and Meaning

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