About Mice and Cat

The third issue of our E-Reader Philozoe:

Is all "About Cat and Mice".

On these pages - http://moosh-o-gorbeh.farangis.de - we introduce to you Farangis' illustrations that she created for the Persian story Moosh o Gorbeh by 'Obayd-e Zakani. The titel of the English translation by Palang Latif is 'About Cat and Mice'. The title of the German translation by Lieselotte Stracke-Stieler is 'Von Katzen und Mäusen'.

On these pages you can find following contents:

Through the Index you can access the Persian Original.

Through the left navigationbar you can access the following subjects and themes:


A. A brief information about the author of the story > Obayd-e Zakani

B. Backgrounds: Thoughts about the tale Moosh o Gorbeh > Background

The artistic aspect of Farangis' illustrations

C. A short 'bio' of these handprints by Farangis > Illustrations

D. The fable presented as HTML files with the photographically digitalised images in the measurements 5,9 x 7,3 cm und 6,5 x 5,2 cm > Storyline

The illustrations of two other artist

E. Two historically important illustrations of the story by two other artists are being made accessible in the internet in a graphically digitalized form > Other Artists

The basic, techical side to it

F. The handwork and the techniques side that's to it - and which was used to create the prints. And the procedure that got applied later for printing the graphics as a mutlicoloured edition > The Applied Technique