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A study in arts about the Greek Goddesses of revenge

In their tragedies Aeschylus and Euripides tell us about the Greek world of Gods of the mystical darkness. Gods from the Olympic hierarchy are described to us in their different functions. As warning and preserving in order to maintain the cosmic order, the Erinyes or Furies ( - as they are called later in Roman literature) are named. Any sacrilege against this natural order would be cruelly pursued by the Erinyes, and especially the incidence of someone killing his/her mother was abominated by these Avenger-Goddesses.

The Sun-God Apollo tells Orestes to kill his mother Clytemnestra, whom had killed her husband Agamemnon. After murdering his mother, Orestes falls victim to the brutal revenge of the Erinyes. Even the temple of Apollo can't offer him any protection, so that he has to seek help from the council of Gods in the Aeropag in Athens.

With the decree of the Goddess Athena, created and born from the head of the God Zeus, the mother's murderer Orestes is acquitted of his guilt, and with that verdict the patriarchal law is put above the matriarchal law, and thus the cosmic order is given a new concept of values.

When FARANGIS YEGANE read "The Oresteia" by Aeschylus, she found a subject for her to create an artistic cycle of works about the Erinyes. She brought the thought PROFANATION OF THE NATURAL LAW OF THE COSMIC ORDER into pictures that relate to the present time, and developed the head-figures of the Furies, named by Sophokles as the daughters of the Earth and Shadow. They raise themselves in a threatening way over the meddling of war, the killing of nonhuman animals, the destruction of the forests and of the life within the waters, they observe life in the big cities.

After dealing for several years with the cycle of work, FARANGIS YEGANE got more aware that the subject of the DESTRUCTION OF THE COSMIC ORDER is a subject that causes shattering for the human society globally, because the huge damages, produced by the causers of havoc, are terrifying and irreparable. For Farangis Yegane it seems that her cycle of work is not closed yet, because she observes that this subject is of high relevance.