Eventually dispersing frictions

In many youth cultures in the 1980ies the more ‘typically contemporary european’ you were … the more integrating entitlement you received from your peers. If you weren’t you were either “out of the game” or you simply submitted to the “social game”.

The idea and the proclaimed interactive goals weren’t necessarily so – yet the social dynamics were driven by a narrow consciousness of what was felt to be the proper ‘Zeitgeist’.

It was good to stay out of this and watch feminist, animal rights and other political aspects, like a complementary color matching a self-prescribed background of ‘categoric outsiderism’ neighboring other gestics of outcastsism.

The bunch of people alienated by the strong, ‘mutual-back-slapping group-solidarity’ didn’t even know if there were more of them – that existed in a half-witted promising frame that was more of a cultural illusion.

The possibility for political, social and ecosocial themes themselves brought forth an array of possibilities for open friction.

Many did not use this and probably underestimated those aspects.

In Cologne 1983 at a Bad Brains gig at the Stollwerck
In GB, photo by Derek Ridgers: London Youth 1978 – 1987, 2014
Again: photo by Derek Ridgers: London Youth 1978 – 1987, 2014
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