About Mice and Cat

the description of the print


Linoleum print, bookprinting colors on laid paper, handprinted using the original printing block.
Paper size: 17-3/4" x 13-3/8".

Mighty Cat
Linoleum print by Farangis

English translation by Palang Latif

Be smart and mind the story of the cat and the mice. You'll be astonished about what the story might teach you. Even you, who are wise and prudent, listen to the tale and let it be like a jewel earring on your ear.

God had breathed life into the cat, and spoke His word: Be! And she was. Big as a dragon, round as a drum, wide as a shield, the tale like that of a lion, and the claws of a tiger she had, and when she roared even the wild panther shivered with fear of her, and the lions would escape wherever she appeared.

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