About Mice and Cat

the description of the print


Linoleum print, bookprinting colors on laid paper, handprinted using the original printing block.
Paper size: 17-3/4" x 13-3/8".

Triumph followed by Defeat
Linoleum print by Farangis

Anger and inward rage seethed within the cat. With greatest determination she hauled herself to her legs, took the chains in between her lion-like fangs, and broke the chains apart, seized the first of the mice that would stand around and crushed them fiercely. Towards one side the troups of mice fled, towards the other side the king on his elephant fled: throne, crown and palace had to be abandoned humiliatingly.

Sad and remarkable is this story. 'Obayd of Zakan has dedicated it to you, that you may enjoy it and reflect about it in your hearts.

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