About Mice and Cat

the description of the print


Linoleum print, bookprinting colors on laid paper, handprinted using the original printing block.
Paper size: 17-3/4" x 13-3/8".

Drunken Audicious Mouse
Linoleum print by Farangis

One day the cat went to an inn where they served wine, to go hunt for mice there. Like a thief behind a shrub, she hid behind a wine barrel waiting for her prey. There, suddenly a mouse climbed out of the wall and jumped with an eager shriek onto the margin of the barrel. It bent its head deep down, and took a swallow of the red wine, drank, and almost wouldn't want to stop drinking again. Being drunk it felt its courage, and boasted like a lion: «If the cat would dare to show up now, I'd pull its head off and hang it up high, for all enemies to see - as a warning. She would be cowardish like a dog, if she had to fight with me now!»

Silently the cat listened und sharpened her claws and teeth. Then she prepared for the jump, no panther could have caught his prey safer and with lesser resistance. «I will be your obedient servant» the mouse screamed, «forgive me once more and blame it on my drunkenness if I called you a beast, drunkards are without measure!» «Stop excusing yourself!» the cat tarted back at her «you can't get away with lying to me. I heard exactly what you said. First of all learn to love God and the truth!» and with these words she had gorged down the mouse.

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